Hey y’all! My name’s Amir, and I’m a second-year Education student at the University of Regina. I entered the Faculty of Education last semester after formerly being in the Faculty of Science, and I’m currently looking to teach English and/or Social Studies to secondary students. Quite a drastic change, I know!

My decision to switch gears and go towards a career in teaching was heavily influenced by my desire to help others. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and being a good example. My best subject academically-speaking is English, and I’ve always jumped at the opportunity to help others with it, whether that be through helping friends with essays or tutoring children. Teaching is what I consider to be one of the greatest methods of helping others and making an impact in the lives of people. I’ve always been passionate about teaching, so I’m ready to give this my all!

Besides studying, I love getting involved on campus. I volunteer regularly with various groups here at the UoR, and I’ve improved my social skills and communication skills so much through my volunteer work! I’d definitely recommend volunteering on campus to anybody that wants to meet new people while getting volunteer experience and doing your part to make life at the UoR better for everyone!