“I Believe” Statements

I believe all students deserve to have their individual needs taken into consideration

I believe teachers have a responsibility to work to prevent bullying in the classroom

I believe a good teacher demonstrates a genuine interest in the wellbeing and success of their students

I believe the classroom should be a place where people of all walks of life are welcomed

I believe a student should never be “given up on” academically or socially

I believe that school is one of the most important places for a child to learn social skills and communication skills, and as such, I believe that schools should do as much as they possibly can to ensure that their students are learning the right values

I believe students aren’t just a grade and that there is much more that goes into consideration when it comes to how well they’re doing

I believe all students deserve a second chance

I believe there is always a place for group work and hands-on learning in any classroom irregardless of the subject matter

I believe there is never a place for discrimination of any kind, be it by faculty or by fellow students