Me at Prairie Sky School, the super awesome place I did my first-ever placement!

Prairie Sky School, the school where I did my ECS 100 placements every Wednesday afternoon, is such a unique place. The school has such a different style when it comes to teaching their students, and I was honestly blown away by how unique and effective their methods are. Rather than operate like a traditional classroom, the school implements hands-on learning throughout its classrooms and gets its students involved in their studies with activities such as daily exercises, songs, and dances! The lesson plans revolve mainly around things like filling in customized activity books for subjects like math and ELA, listening to stories and responding through games, and working on fun artistic projects like posters and sculptures! The students clearly have a blast there, and it’s clear to me that the school’s unique methods definitely get their attention and get them more involved.

My partner and I worked in a classroom dubbed “Cattails”, in which students in grades 1 and 2 learned together. Our teacher did a fantastic job incorporating subject matter in such a way that both levels of students could learn and thrive, and my partner and I were more than happy to help out however we could! We helped out with things like setting up activity tables, assisting students with projects, and administering assessments, but with how active our class was, even when there seemed like there was nothing to do there was actually always something to do! I loved the class and everything about it, and every week I looked forward to going in and helping out. As you know, things took a rather unfortunate turn as the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in schools worldwide being closed and, as a result, our placements being abruptly ended. It’s honestly tragic, but once this crisis ends I’ll be able to do more placements for other classes at other schools! As my first placement though, Prairie Sky will always stick with me, and the things I learned will no doubt influence me down the road.