Guitar 101

For my Learning Project I am going to learn how to play the guitar. When I was 7 years old I started to learn how to play the guitar with my grandpa. My grandpa was always playing his guitar. Every weekend we would listen to his band play. I was only able to complete a few lessons with him until he passed away. I had no interest in learning from anyone else until not long ago when I found one of his old guitars. Learning the guitar is all new to me and I am excited to learn through the use of technology. I will be documenting my learning through videos.

To start off simple, I first learned how to tune my guitar. I will be using the app GuitarTuna to tune my guitar before every lesson. I do this by plucking the string and the app tells me if it is in tune or if I need to tighten the string till it is in tune. The second thing I learned is a strumming pattern that I will share more about next week when I have had more practice with it using my first chord.

This is the app I will be using to tune my guitar.
This is how the app looks when it is open.

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