Twitter Thoughts

My experience using twitter is very minimal. I used to think twitter was just for bored people or people that are interested in politics. With my very little experience using Twitter I did not understand how it was much different than Facebook, where people like, comment and share posts. I am not someone that has every social media account on their phone. I typically only have the basic social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook, and I only have Facebook because of work purposes. I did not think of Twitter as something that could enhance my teaching experience until recently.

I now understand that Twitter is a very useful tool. It can be used to connect with people, in this case educators, all over the world. Tweetdeck is a great way to bounce similar thoughts and ideas with other people not in the same classroom. This is an awesome tool I would use to connect with other educators or with my students to connect with other classrooms across the world.

After a bit more use with Twitter I can see how I would use this as a tool in my teaching journey. For example, if there is a time (I am use there will be) where I am passionate about an issue in the classroom I could start a hashtag where other people also passionate about the same issue can use to share their thoughts starting a movement. I can also use hashtags to find ideas for the classroom and to connect with other educators. I will also tweet things I have done in the classroom for others to see. Twitter can be a way for parents/guardians to see some of the things we have been up to in the classroom as well.

I have always thought of making a teacher Instagram account to share my teaching journey or a Facebook group that people can join. I now have Twitter in my tool box to connect with other and share my teaching journey.

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