The A and G Chord

Hi Everyone! This week I spent time working on my A and G chords. Last week I learned how to play the beginners version on the A chord that is just one finger. This week I spent some time working on the three finger version of the A chord. If you can’t tell by my word choice and descriptions I am very much a beginner. I am still trying to get all of my strings to ring out while playing it but it is a start!

I also learned how to play the G chord. After watching a few videos I found that there are a few ways you can play the G chord. This is because some ways are easier than others, however, some songs sound different using an easier method. The Youtube video I used to learn explains that concept better. I like how simple this video is and that it is not too long. I think since these are beginner concepts the videos should not be full of a bunch of talking. They should be straight to the point since the learning will be done by doing.

After using someone else’s guitar I have found that my guitar is harder to play than others making the strings not sound as clear. This might be why I am having troubles with the sound of my chords or it may just be because I am a beginner. Here is a video documenting my learning this week.

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