Summary of Learning

My EdTech Adventure began in EC&I 832 with an overview of various social media and the introduction of creating a blog and joining the Discord community. I had no idea how to do either of these things and felt a little overwhelmed but then I discovered how helpful everyone was in this class! I was pretty excited when I was able to create the blog and start my first post. There were so many helpful tips posted in our Discord community.

I had already been using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but became less comfortable (or more cautious) as I read the articles suggested on the first day of class. It definitely made me rethink how I use these apps.

As Group A delved into what it meant to be a good digital citizen, I began to feel better about how to manage my own digital media activity. It also became evident how important it is to teach digital citizenship and media literacy to students, starting with our youngest learners!

My job as a Teacher-Librarian is to provide instruction to the students in the school and promote reading as well as supplying resources to teachers. So, when I was trying to decide how to best present my summary of learning, it was obvious I needed to incorporate books into my video. I started making a Google Slide  presentation with book covers that I wanted to represent my learning. I was not very thrilled with what I had come up with, so when I was telling one of my colleagues about my dissatisfaction, she suggested I write my own story. I had been reading many children’s books about internet safety and how to be a good digital citizen. The inspiration to my story came from the book #Goldilocks: A Hashtag Cautionary Tale. With the help from my colleague, I began writing my own fractured fairytale. When my story was complete, I had another colleague help me make it into an iMovie.

I hope you enjoy my summary of learning!

Here is a list of the sources I used for the images in the presentation.


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