About Me

My name is Jean-Noel Brodland I am 23 years old, I am studying Kinesiology and Education at the University of Regina and I am an aspiring teacher. I have lived in Regina my entire life with a large portion of my family. I suppose you could say I’m certainly not much of a typical Saskatchewan boy like my father who was a farmer growing up. I’ve always lived with the luxuries of the city life and prefer to be surrounded with a lively community than to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Growing up was certainly a challenge because I was surrounded by a community who primarily didn’t speak my preferred language, I grew up going through the francophone school system so I am bilingual and I take great pride in being francophone. Though I learned french as my first language, I never had much opportunity to master it because I only got to practice when I at home with my mother or occasionally with school friends. I began to lose my ability to speak fluently once I finished high school since most people in Regina don’t speak french and the new friends I was making at university didn’t speak it either. I wish that I lived somewhere that I could speak french all the time because It would have given me the opportunity to refine my skill and turn me into a better teacher. I have since begun taking french language classes at the university aiming to polish my abilities to a level that I can feel confident with.

I want to help the francophone community grow and I hope to serve them well as a teacher in the future. I have an interest in rehabilitation and the development of human movement. I spend a lot of my time playing sports and games with my friends. I would like to pass my passion for sports and health forward to students. I want the kids I teach, to know how to live a happy, active and healthy lifestyle and I want to be able to offer it to them in french.