8 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. WOW! Your summary was so engaging and creative. I love how you interspersed songs with content information. Well done!!

  2. Congratulations!! Chris, You have done a great job. It’s a wonderful way of summarizing learning. I am amazed the way you collaborated beautiful songs with the key elements of Digital Citizenship and media literacy. Beautifully presented!

  3. Wow, Chris! That was really good! You sounded so confident and you did a great job of connecting the audio throughout. Great work!

  4. Such a creative and fun video, Chris! As a music lover, I thought it was awesome! I used several of the Digital Citizens songs for my Pre-K curriculum resource, and they always get stuck in my head, especially “Pause and Think Online” – haha! I also remember playing ‘Celebrate’ by Kool and the Gang when I finished my first Master’s degree – the quintessential celebration song! I found this song to sum up what I think of your Summary of Learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SbxLtmfJ98

  5. Chris, this is so creative. I really enjoyed the way that you summarized your learning and the content we went over in the course. You have such a great radio voice. I really enjoyed watching your summary of learning!

  6. This was so unique! You are super talented and innovative! I would love to take this idea and have my students use songs to represent something in a project. It sounds fun and engaging. Great job!

  7. Well done, Chris! Loved the music integration – very creative. Your passion for creating engaging content is evident. I can only imagine how awesome it feels to be done your Masters as well! You will have to use your ed tech skills to photoshop yourself in a “green “MASTERS” jacket!” Haha. Great job!

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