I was born in a time that was way before social media took ahold of this world. My brothers and I played outside continuously for hours, we would play hide-and-go-seek in the dark until our mom made us come inside. We would sit on the deck outside and see how far we could spit watermelon seeds because we were told not to eat them otherwise watermelons would grow in our stomachs – and we had no way to fact check this advice.

My Brother and I playing in the backyard.

I too was born at a time when I remember our family getting it’s first VCR, then DVD player, end SMART TV and Chromecast. I remember when my dad brought home the first Nintendo and playing Duck Hunt and Mario Bros. Those were the good old days before worrying about whether or not a complete stranger liked your Tweet, or Facebook, or Instagram photo.

I have to admit, technology has never really scared me, however I was always resistant to jumping onto bandwagons. I didn’t get a cell phone right away, I didn’t subscribe to Facebook right away, and I certainly did not get a Twitter account in 2006 (checking my profile it looks like I joined in January of 2012, and even though it has been 9 years I only have 267 followers).

Fast forward to 2021 and I have to say I have a pretty love to love it relationship with Social Media. I love connecting with family on Facebook and Instagram, and I love reading articles and keeping up to date on Twitter. I have the job I have today with Regina public thanks to a blogpost on great teacher interview questions that was posted on Twitter. There are obviously many issues with Social media such as security and privacy, fake accounts, the false spread of information/fake news, and even how mean people can get under the guise of anonymity. However, I believe that there are just as many positive aspects to Social Media. The following article discusses both positive and negative aspects of social media for teens in particular, and is an easy yet informative read.

I think I can safely say that social media has not really negatively affected my life due to a few key factors. Other than twitter all of my social media apps are set to Private, this way I have total control over who sees my content. Since becoming a teacher I am also very careful about the photos that I take of myself, or for that matter putting myself into a situation where unflattering photos are taken. With twitter I really try to keep my content work friendly and professional. If internet trolls latch onto a post and try to start a fight, I either delete the post or I block them. Lastly, I try to follow the “No cell phones at the table or desk” rule. This way I am able to give the person I am with my full attention, because their company is one million times more important than me knowing if the photo I posted a few hours ago has hit so many “likes.”

I like to see myself as someone who grew up with technology since I was still pretty young when it started to be introduced into my life. I have to say that it is pretty cool (to me anyway) to have been around for all four stages in the “History of Social Media“. When I look at the document attached I have memories from each era, and most importantly I have been able to adapt through each era.