Well here it is, the last blog post for ECI 834. This semester has raced by faster than all the others so far and I can’t believe we are already making this post. I have truly learned so much from all of my classmates and have loved seeing all of their Modules that they planned for this course. It has been an honour to view the work that you have all done and I am truly humbled to be in a class with such amazing people. So thank-you for the comments you have made on my posts, thank you for the work that we have done in our break out groups, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for not judging me too harshly on the song that follows the end of my video.

To be totally honest, I had the idea to write write this song as I was driving home in my car and “Times Like These” came on. All of a sudden the lyrics were changing to things we were discussing in class and writing it just flowed out of my head. And then, the realization happened! I just spent a day writing a song!!!! What was I going to do? I really didn’t want to sing it, but the day I used was a day I set aside to work on this project, ohh the conundrum. So I sat down at my computer and practiced it several times making sure I had the timing right but it really isn’t in a key that I am comfortable with (the low parts are the most embarrassing). I had to commit, I saw no other way around it. That is why you are getting a song I hope you enjoy the lyrics!

As for the beginning, I have two notes – I recorded it after school on a day where we had to dress up like a Pokémon. Did you know that the creator of Pokémon is autistic? So this week in school we are recognizing and celebrating autistic individuals as well as showing our love and acceptance to people living with Autism. That day I was wearing a hat because I dressed up as a Pokémon trainer, therefore the hat was staying on. Secondly, I had a big plan on how I was going to record and then I watched Leigh’s and Dalton’s video. I thought to myself that I have never tried anything on a green screen before either, so decided to take their wonderful influence and learn something new.