Assessment is to be understood as methods of a wide variety that are used to evaluate, measure, and document the progress and knowledge of students. Assessments can be done in a variety of ways, for different purposes, and to different ends. This is important information for teachers to have in order that they may have a solid understanding of where each student is at in their learning of the content.  

Assessment FOR Learning  

Assessment for learning is used as a formative assessment to gather information about where the student is at in their learning at the beginning of the semester and throughout the semester. By gathering this information in varying ways teachers are able to adapt their teaching to best benefit the needs of the students. If these formative assessments are done regularly and throughout the semester teachers will have data to best be able to assess all their students. An example of this is in first-year mathematics classes university professors will do a diagnostic test to determine whether or not this course will be at your level. By doing these students and teachers are able to understand where and what level the student is at before the semester begins. 

Assessment OF Learning 

This form of assessment is what most people would think of when they think of assessment. This is used as a tangible way for teachers to evaluate where the student is in relation to the curriculum and outcomes that are to be met at this grade level. It is a form of summative evaluation where there is a grade assigned to the assignment in order that the student can know where they are at in this course. Although this can be a majority of assessment done by teachers it should not be the only form of assessment that is done as grades can be high stress for most students. And there should be supplemented with diverse forms of assessment. 

Assessment AS Learning 

This final portfolio could be seen as an assessment as learning. We are asked as students to summarize and articulate our learning throughout the semester. Thus, giving ourselves a good understanding of what we learned and reflecting on that knowledge. Another example could be journal prompts throughout the semester where students are able to reflect on what they are learning in the course. Students in assessment as learning are required to assess their own understanding of the topic and reflect on how the teachings, readings, and methods used in the course have helped them learn.