In looking and learning about the personal learning styles I was very intrigued to come to understand the different layers of the learning styles. I want to first address my reflections on my own personal learning style, and then how this individual affects each of my students.  

To begin with, I knew that this was going to be a hard quiz to take because in any previous personality quiz, my responses are very all over the place. I have aspects of many different groupings that create the person that I am. My test said that I was a blue /orange and that my green was remarkably close behind that. This means that I am very student centered and hands-on but also subject-centered. This also means that as a teacher I tend toward imagination in teaching and dynamic teaching but also very logical in presenting the material. The list goes on with so-called contradictions to the learning style test.  

However, I realized upon reflecting that the differentiation that I have in my own learning style will help me better integrate students’ learning styles into my classroom. I realized that being a diverse teacher will only help me relate better to the truly diverse classroom that I will have in the future. So, although this has left me confused about learning because I have had the chance to learn about so many different learning styles, I will be better equipped to help my future students.