Educators and schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint

Educators and schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint

Most people have some idea that they’re leaving traces of themselves whenever they go online, but very few realize how much. Even fewer people know how much all these digital footprints can tell others about their lives. — Oisin McGann

The digital world has eaten so much into our present-day daily lives. As a result, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the consequences of our presence in that world. As usual, the “capeless heroes” are being called upon to take on this responsibility. While I struggle with ascribing this responsibility to teachers, I agree that teachers have a role to play in bringing some awareness of this topic to their students. The article and video posted by the agree side really shed light on things that need to be known about the digital footprint. Even if that is all the teacher can share, students will at least have a basic knowledge of what digital footprint is about and that being ignorant of it has dire consequences.

Having an understanding of how their online presence can make or mar their future is essential knowledge that can be shared in the classroom even if it is not dealt with extensively. I do agree with the disagree side that considering how much of a sensitive issue it is, it needs to be addressed on a broader platform and really dealt with. In the same way, teachers tend to touch on social justice issues, they should be able to have basic knowledge of this topic and discuss it with their students.

Your digital footprints speak volumes than your CV — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Everyone that matters should emphasize the importance of digital footprint to the younger generation. Parents, schools, teachers, the government, media companies, and policymakers all have a role to play in ensuring that students learn safe online habits. Teaching students about digital footprint can be as basic as what’s shared in the summary below as discussed in the video attached.

Know what your footprint says about you

Manage your privacy settings

Manage your cookies

Think before you share

It is essential that teachers have this discussion in their classrooms instead of waiting for other stakeholders to take responsibility. In the quest to ensure that students have a rounded life, knowledge of digital footprint is a topic that cannot be brushed aside.

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  1. I agree that it can not be the teacher’s responsibility to develop a student’s digital footprint alone. As you said, the “capeless heroes” always seem to be in the line of fire regarding skills society deems important for kids to know. I often wonder why the finger isn’t pointed at parents more. For example, people are angry over the lack of students understanding regarding finance and budgeting and question why it is not taught in high school. To me, rather than fault the schools, parents should be teaching their children about this if they feel it so important. The same is said about creating a digital footprint, educators do need to play a role, but some work has to fall on the parents to ensure that each child is successful in creating one.

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