Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children

Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children

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This was such an interesting debate for me because I have enjoyed the benefits of online learning and I do respect the fact that it is such a blessing that cannot be denied. Cartoon cute doodles School banner design. Colorful illustrationHowever, if I am to focus on the keywords of this topic, I will agree that it is truly detrimental to the social and academic development of children.

Facts about online learning include convenience, flexibility, and accessibility which are the major advantages for me. Toddler girl with laptop and toys in bedBeing able to hold classes no matter the location and at convenience makes online learning juicy. This does not rule out the fact that it takes much more discipline, determination, and motivation to complete assigned tasks in online learning. It does not have the same feel as being in the classroom physically and collaborating with students. Oftentimes, it is easy to fall for the comfort online learning affords and not work at the same pace if learning in person.

There has been a lot of debate on how much screen time has a negative effect on students’ attention span and a host of health related issues. It does not give room for students to adequately develop some essential skills such as collaboration, communication skills, social cues, and many more which they could easily develop by being in the midst of other students in person. It gives room for students to feel isolated I am also of the opinion that this can contribute to students lagging behind in their studies which might be due to their learning environment. Asian man sleeping while working form home on sofa

Online learning elongates the amount of time they get to spend on a screen which is not good for them. It’s no gainsaying that it does widen the socio-economic gap in the society as some people are able to afford all the things needed to learn successfully online while some cannot.

Despite all the factors limiting online learning, I think that a good blend of it with in-person will be good. Students sure need to learn self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, and other essential skills that online learning affords them. Asian girl student online learning in class study.Online video call with teacher.Child girl eating rice congee breakfast with laptop at home.New normal.Covid-19 coronavirus.Social distancing.stay home

5 thoughts on “Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children

  1. Dami, You have very nicely described the positive effects of online education. I totally agree with all the points that you have made. Online Education plays a vital role nowadays especially since the pandemic started as it shows how important technology is and it helped a lot of the ones who cannot go outside.

  2. Hi Dami,

    I like your point that a blended learning method between traditional in-person learning and online education! Students have a choice of which kind of learning method they like and go for it, but I feel it may not apply in some situations. For example, in our regular schools may be hard to become blended learning. It means teachers need to prepare two sets of the curriculum since sometimes what works for traditional in-person classrooms may not be able to transform to virtual classrooms. It puts extra work on teachers especially when funding for teachers is not enough in schools. Blended learning may be the ideal learning method in the future.


  3. Hi Dami,

    I really like your concluding point around “a good blend”. For me, it is all about balance, and appropriate implementation whether it is based on age or learning style.

  4. Thank you for sharing this useful information!
    When compared to traditional schooling, online learning has numerous advantages. For students who are unable to attend classes in person, online learning has become the most effective method of instruction. There are numerous advantages to online learning that we cannot overlook, including greater convenience, less travel time, and increased networking opportunities.

  5. Hi Dami, ,
    I agree with the fact that you mentioned “It does not have the same feel as being in the classroom physically and collaborating with students” considering the SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of children. Our education system often times focuses more on children’s cognitive development. Learning involves far more than merely acquiring knowledge, they need to grow and learn in their relationships, identity, build skills and awareness to work with emotions in themselves and their relationships(emotional understanding).
    Nice write up

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