Previous Work Experience

Dani has worked with children with autism and developmental disorders through her work at Autism Yukon and as an in-home caregiver.

She has facilitated trauma-sensitive yoga sessions to children and youth at residential youth treatment (Yukon Government).

She currently facilitates trauma-sensitive yoga sessions at Whitehorse Correctional Center and Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services (Yukon Government).

She has several years of yoga teaching experience, has completed several yoga training and workshops, including the Center for Trauma and Embodiment Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification Program.

She is in her second/third year of the Yukon Native Teacher Education Program, and she is taking a combination of courses through Yukon University and the University of Regina. Dani is in the process of completing practicums in Yukon Schools as she progresses through her program.

She has worked for the Yukon Government as a child and youth support worker, addiction treatment attendant, senior residential attendant, youth shelter attendant.

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