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My course was designed to teach elementary aged students (specifically grades 4-8) how to use the Wevideo online video editor. The first module walks learners through the process of registering for a Wevideo account, and then recording and exporting a short video of themselves. The second module demonstrates how to use the “color keying” feature in Wevideo to change the background of a clip. It also demonstrated how to add text features to the video. The course was designed with the focus of being engaging, concise, and simple in its design in the hopes of engaging as many learners as possible. It will be delivered primarily in the classroom, although it can also be accessed from any device.

My course profile can be found here.

The creation process of the modules was a very informative experience. Designing an online course provided me with a new perspective on the logical thinking skills that are required to create a cohesive and sequential course. Although cohesion and logical sequencing is required in all courses, the added opportunity, but also drawback of online learning is the inability to problem solve on the fly in digital spaces. This caused me to be cognizant of the need for simple and clear instructions, as well as visual accompaniments. After going through this process I feel much more confident in my ability to create online content that is engaging and fun.

My course is designed to create enthusiasm and specific tools for students to use multiple curricular settings. Thus, it should be thought of more as a platform to achieve curricular objectives, although even the initial videos created by students would fulfill outcomes in the Literacy strand. I also intended on using this as a tool to encourage student attendance, as my school has a good supply of technology, and many students struggle with daily attendance. I elaborated on this point in a previous blog post.

I used Google Classroom as my LMS, as well as Google Forms for assessment, Youtube for video hosting, and Wevideo online editor to film and edit my tutorials. Here is the link to my course as well as the course walkthrough.

Google Classroom link here. Class code: qvrz4dy

Course walkthrough here.

4 thoughts on “Course Prototype Information

  1. I think I need to take this course! I like to use WeVideo but I always spend so much time figuring things out that my videos don’t end up being that interesting. Your lessons seem extremely engaging (I mean who wouldn’t want their teacher to dress up like a sasquatch). Thanks for sharing Devon!

  2. It was great talking with you at various points throughout our course and seeing the progress from the beginning to the finish. Your lessons are organized, easy to follow, and creative. Both students and educators will enjoy the learning and grow. Way to go!!

  3. Always was a pleasure to have conversations with you. I especially enjoined the Sasquatch experience. Your students are lucky to have such a fun teacher. Your online modules seem very engaging and interactive. I agree with you that designing this course was very informative. I learned a lot that I did not know that I needed to learn. Good luck in your future classes!

  4. Great course walkthrough. I love the content and how you’ve organized your course. I like that you have videos and written instructions for students. Plus, the sasquatch! I think your students will enjoy making little movies themselves.

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