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Here’s the link to my summary of learning video. This past semester presented many challenges and opportunities, and I’ve really appreciated all the discussions, lectures, and activities that have been part of EC&834. I explain more in my summary of learning, but I was particularly impressed with the structure of the collaborative experiences throughout the semester. Thank you to my peers and professor for all the learning opportunities, and hope to see you all down the road.

4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. I loved the direction you took with your Summary of Learning. It was fun to watch the little guy travelling to each community. Your ideas on assessment are amazing – I love your points on the Indigenous ideas of space and place and how things are so different depending on where you are on this planet, and how we should view our students in the same lens. We don’t always know their home life, we don’t always know past traumas, and all of our students think in a different way. Thinking of unique ways to assess but also to celebrate the diversity that we see in our classrooms is so vitally important. Thanks for sharing Devon.

  2. Ha! That was awesome. Reminded me of the Masked Singer! Great summary of learning.. very concise and comprehensive. I enjoyed watching it. Great work this semester, hopefully, our paths cross again!

  3. I love it! The ‘river of reflection’ was awesome. I agree that learning only a few online learning resources a year is a good goal, this allows you to really learning something and use it well and appropriately. As one of our classmates said, it puts a few tools in your toolbox. Also, I love the little guy travelling around. Nice job!

  4. Devon,
    Great video! I loved your summary of learning! Your honest reflections and and your references to the collaborative environment that Professor Hildebrandt created in our small group break out sessions in class were spot on. I appreciate your views on assessment and your consideration of student background experiences and perspectives. I agree with your take away of learning just a few tech tools each year in order to use them well. I also liked the reference to assigning a few short tasks during each online class to build capacity. I have have enjoyed learning alongside you this semester and hope that our paths will cross again.

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