Dinner anyone?

Hey all, we are almost done the semester!

Moving forward in my learning project, I wanted to advance my skills and make homemade dinner buns. The process of this was pretty simple and straight forward but let me tell you, kneading the dough is my kryptonite. My forearms were burning doing this and it was probably the least enjoyable part of my journey so far, haha.

At first, I was a little nervous to take this step, however I knew it would be beneficial in the long run. It was quite interesting to read about and watch while the yeast settles and begins to bubble.

Below is my baking process to making homemade dinner buns!

Here is the dough, chopped into 15 pieces ready to be rolled and placed into the greased tray.

All rolled and placed, now to let them rise in a warm area!

They have risen and moved together, now let’s bake them!

Completed product.

As you can see, it is not the most delicious looking buns but this was an error on my part. I did not make all of the rolls identical and to the same shape, size, etc. This is one thing that I will need to improve on when making buns again later in my baking career.

Overall though, I would say this was enjoyable (for the most part… haha), and I would recommend the recipe as it was easy to follow.

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One Response to Dinner anyone?

  1. Aiden Lingelbach says:

    Hey Evan!
    Those look delicious! One trick i learned with making buns is to have one hand on the opposite side of the bun in relation to you, and pull towards you the direction of that arm, turning the bun. So if you’re using your right hand, put your right hand behind the bun, and pull the bottom of the bun with the side of your pinky a couple of times until it forms a neat ball

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