Getting Spooky…

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a great reading week and continue to research and work on their learning projects. Over the week off, I decided to make cupcakes for my family alongside my partner. Seeing that I made a TikTok last post, I was going to stick to photos for this task.

When deciding what to make, I wasn’t sure as I made muffins last week. A comment from Julie on my previous post recommended I ask my family what they would enjoy and I thought that was a great idea. With that being said, they recommended Halloween themed cupcakes. I was excited as this would be a nice, yet slightly challenging uptick from the muffins.

I began researching chocolate muffins (because who doesn’t love chocolate) and began to get to work. Unfortunately, once I got started I forgot to take multiple pictures of the process… but I did get an end product and some of the halloween decorations brought out on the way haha.

Above is some nice table top decorations with some store bought treats behind. Below is a light up pumpkin that can shine through the window welcoming Trick-Or-Treaters and giving a spooky sense to the neighbourhood.

And now the part you probably all want to see… the actual cupcakes. I decided to go to the store and buy some candy corn and sprinkles to put among the top as the finishing touches. Although before these could be added, I needed to create the icing to stick them onto. I wasn’t for sure on how to do this but after researching, I used the following sites instructions. Here is the end product:

Overall, the product looked great but could definitely use some more precise measurements and careful attention which I will be putting a main focus on next task. I hope you guys are enjoying my learning process and I’ll post again soon.

Lastly, if you have anymore recommendations on what to make, who to address and how to improve, I would love to hear it! Happy early Halloween!

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5 Responses to Getting Spooky…

  1. Jerico says:

    Hey, Evan!
    I love seeing the progress and your openness to new ideas and recommendations. My recommendation for you is to try baking cookies from scratch. There are sooo many delicious recipes for cookies so try out maybe some gingersnap cookies or even pumpkin spice cookies. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Brooke Platt says:

    Hi Evan! The cupcakes look really good and I am very impressed by your decorations! Is this your first time making cupcakes? I think next time you should try baking a cake and icing/decorating it!

    • Evan Goodfellow says:

      Hey Brooke, yes this was my first time making cupcakes! It was definitely an interesting process but I got through it… kind of haha. All jokes aside I was happy with the outcome and am looking to keep improving my skills moving forward!


  3. Zachary Hirshmiller says:

    Oh Evan those turned out so well. Definitely fits the Halloween ascetics and they look delicious. If we’re suggesting things for you to bake you should make a carrot cake (My favourite baking), and it fits into the fall theme. Also be real who can say no to cream cheese icing.

    • Evan Goodfellow says:

      Hey Zach, thanks for the suggestion! I unfortunately am not sure if I will get to that stage but if I do then you will be the first to know!


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