The "About Me" Section & Your Modeling Career (Pt. II: Model Mayhem, etc.)

My name is Fasiha Taha. I’m from Pakistan. I was an Early Childhood Educator for the past 8 years back in my country. In my professional career as a teacher, I tend to learn from my experiences and want to explore my true potential as a teacher. The desire to enhance my current skills and knowledge in the field of education led me to search for ways that can help me to move a step further in my professional career development.

My interest to pursue a master’s in Teaching, learning, and leadership program from University of Regina is driven by my current academic background and teaching experience which encourages me to expand my knowledge and shape my future career path. 

I am married and have an awesome kid who’s 5 years old. I love traveling with my family and exploring the world. I also enjoy painting and reading fiction books. 🙂

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