Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?

There is no denying that social media is an important element of today’s society. During this week’s debate, I had the opportunity to think about the valid and important issues raised by both teams, all of which centered around the word “RUINING.” Is it true that early access to social media can ruin a child’s childhood? Spending time on social media has almost become a way of life for most adults, but is it beneficial for children to follow suit? Typically, the legal age for using social media ranges from 13 to 18. Today’s children live in a world where social media is an essential part of their everyday lives. Maybe it’s not that social media is ruining childhood, but that it is changing and affecting it (the negative effect of social media for young ones). As with the swimming analogy, social media access should be granted only when parents are confident in their child’s capacity to deal with the complexities of social media. Because children lack the capacity and consciousness to manage and regulate their activities, parents must be aware of the risk and have confidence in their child’s emotional competence and resilience to navigate through the chaos of social media platforms before deciding to give the go-ahead.

Social media and social media interaction are a sad replacement for real-life socialization and experience.

The negatives stemming from social media strongly outweigh any positives. We shouldn’t let social media zombify our children’s childhood


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