Cellphones should be banned in the classroom.

All the Yes points:

  1. Cell phones are banned to decrease distraction.
  2. Stops cyberbullying
  3. Recipe for stress, frustration, and catch-up time for students.
  4. Effective classroom learning
  5. Rise to educational inequality
  6. When banned, help the students stay focused.
  7. Healthy relationships among students are achieved when the cellphone is banned.
  8. Cheating in classroom

All the “No” points:

  1. Proper planning and implementation
  2. Increased student engagement
  3. Increased accessibility
  4. Virtual and augmented reality
  5. An integral part of life

A question that came to mind from both sides was “how old should a student be to have a cell phone?” I believe that prohibiting cell phone use in the classroom would be harsh, but enforcing a stringent policy on cell phone use in the classroom would eliminate the temptation for students to use social media networks (WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). While I find the phone to be an everyday distraction in the classroom, it also lends itself to an individual’s learning style, as each student learns in his or her own unique way. I would like to close with Andrew Shachat’s words: “The reality is that cell phones in the classroom are here to stay, so it’s up to teachers and administrators to make it work for disengaged students.”

Thank you for reading my post.

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