Initial Goal

Well here we are!  This course design was quite different than how I have previously used online materials in my regular PE classes.  The challenge I have found throughout my team teaching Physical Education, from Kindergarten to PE 30, is the issue of space, particularly a physical gymnasium.  With large class numbers and tricky timetabling, often classes are forced to share spaces.  My goal with this course, was to design some modules in which a classroom, hallway, student at home, or outside setting, could be used as the physical space.

Course Profile

In the course profile, I have set out the expectations and rationale for the course.  This course was designed for a Gr. 6 classroom of 20-30 students.  The goal of the course is to be blended, with synchronous activities happening at school but supplemented with videos and recordings so students could access at home.


Students will access all class material through this Google Classroom.  Here students have access to have variety of classroom materials and assignments.  I settled on Google Classroom because our school division already uses it, so students have profiles already created.  The other benefits I find that I like is being able to quickly track marks and see which students have submitted and not submitted assignments.  Feedback is easy, I can directly comment on assignments, students can chat within assignments if for instance working in a group, and I can also directly edit work and provide suggestions to students.

Class Code: 5qfy6b4

Google Class Main Page and Code

Course Development

In planning and preparation for the course, I wanted to offer different options for students to be assessed.  Most of the formative assessment will happen during class, with teacher directed feedback and conversations.  For the summative assessment pieces I always try to share rubrics with the students before the assignment is due.  Often times my assignments are designed with multiple components that can hit different outcomes.  In PE 6, there are 15 outcomes so hitting multiple is key in long range planning.  I provided multiple options for students to have the opportunity to show their learning through written, verbal, products and with the use of the Flip classroom.

Module 1

In the first module, we explore an Outdoor Education opportunity.  First we cover proper ways to take part in wilderness activities with a Leave No Trace mini lesson.  We then explore the construction of Quinzees and snow shelters, including proper building techniques and how to dress for Winter activities.

Module 2

This module focuses on gaining knowledge of the FITT Principle and incorporating daily fitness activities through workout circuits.  We take time to learn about different types of exercise and how to measure our heart rates.  This module is set up to be taught in any available space.

Course Walkthrough

My module videos are quite lengthy so I tried not to repeat too much of the information.  I look forward to seeing what you all think of the finished product!  Yoga will be the next module that I plan to expand into the classroom.

Hope you enjoyed the course!