Aesthetic Representation

For my aesthetic representation, I chose to represent the traditional side of learning and teaching for Indigenous people, alongside what they experienced at Residential schools. I also incorporated some of the Canadian school system.  I accomplished this through a word college. On the left side of the canvas, I represented the traditional side. There is a teepee that is filled with many different words that continuously came up throughout my research on Indigenous ways of knowing and teaching. Some of these words include holistic, stories, and experience. On the right side, I represented Residential schools and the modern school system. On this side, there is a school filled with different words that were used by survivors when discussing Residential schools and words that come to mind when I think about my school experience. These words include memorization, hair cut, and strapped. I included the number 4118 as that is the number of child remains that have been discovered at searched Residential schools so far.