Exploring CapCut


This week, I chose to try out a video and photo editing app called CapCut. I decided on this app as I had seen it promoted on TikTok many times and had never found a good, free editing app. I also planned to document some of my learning projects through videos, so this was the perfect app to explore. I did not get to spend a lot of time exploring this app, but from what I did try out, it was easy to use and included a variety of features. Some of these features include video splitting, animations, text and stickers, audio, and effects. There were also opening and ending cards, and further additions you can use for the stickers, text, and speed.

Examples of features on CapCut
Examples of some features on CapCut





These features had choices available to add to your videos. However, as seen in the photo below, some of these options are unavailable unless you purchase the pro version of this app.

Screen shot of sticker bank. Search bar at the top. from left to right: cartoon man with wide open mouth and tongue out, white skin care mask, two stings, bottom of mans face with had over mouth.row 2: 3 cartoon solar panels, map with red pin, eyes looking to the left, word pause with pause sign at end. 
row 3: all pro stickers
words super mom, 5 hearts with three of 5 hearts filled in and word game over underneath, 5 hearts in circle one blue, green, red, pink, and yellow, lastly facebook thumbs up.
Some stickers available on CapCut.

CapCut also includes a feature called ‘Spaces’ where you can upload media and projects you have created to share them. There is a limited amount of storage that is available. There is also a part called ‘Templates’ which is like TikTok’s for you page, where you can explore different videos and find people to follow. You are also able to like and comment on the videos. 

This is the for you page of templates for CapCut.

How to use CapCut:

  1. Sign in/Login: Start by creating an account or logging in.

I created a video using the screen recording feature on my iPhone, I will also provide a breakdown here 

  1. Starting project: Go to edit one main screen- tap ‘New project’, select a photo, live photo, or video.
  2. Transitions: Tap the white box with a horizontal line between clips- select transition- and hit the checkmark in the bottom right corner.
  3. Add text: Tap text- tap add text- type- edit text to liking- hit checkmark
  4. Add stickers: Tap Text- Tap stickers- chose sticker- add by tapping
  5. Length of aspects: Tap the rectangle (see photo below)- drag the white sides on the rectangle to the length desired- tap elsewhere on the screen to stop editing.
  6. Resize and move: Tap detail- use two fingers and spread to adjust size- move with finger
  7. Splitting- go to part of video want to split- hit edit- hit split


  1. If you press and hold a sticker, animation, etc. that you like, it is sent to your favourites

    Example of what the favourite tab can look like.
  2. Don’t worry about saving: this app autosaves projects whenever you close it

I may use this app in my future classroom in a few different ways. I would use this app to create instructional and resource videos for students to use. I would also provide this app as a resource for students to use if they wish to complete an assignment by creating a video of some sort. Following the SAMR model, at the substitution level, I might use this app to make instructional videos for students to use at their own pace. I may also use it to edit different photo resources I find. At the augmentation level, I may use this app to create a video that further explains a difficult concept from a lesson or reading. At the modification level, I would have students use the app to create a video for an assignment. At the redefinition level. I may have the students upload their videos and comment on each other’s work.


My Time with TheMakeupChair

Hello everyone and welcome to week 2 of my learning Journey with make-up!

From May 12 till the 20th, I have been focusing on eye looks using a source from YouTube called TheMakeupChair. Throughout this time, I used three videos to create four looks. The first video of hers I watched was Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial.

I really enjoyed this video of hers as she provided many visuals, such as arrows and outlines, and verbal explanations for the parts of the eye and where the shadow should go. For example, she used the terminology ‘crease of your eye’, while providing arrows to show the area she meant. It was also easy to follow along with, had very few steps, and was a simple look that could be done with any eyeshadow pallet.

Screenshot of woman with her eye closed. She points end of makeup brush at her eye, which shows the crease with arrows and a line.
An example of the visuals provided in this video.

I thoroughly enjoyed this tutorial, enough so that I used it twice over this time. I was very happy with the outcome the first time I did this look. The browns were soft and blended well together. There was a noticeable contour and highlight on the lid. I also loved how my wing turned out that day. However, in my second attempt, I seem to have gone very heavy-handed with the shadows. The entire lid looks the same colour with a light shimmer visible. Although, I do like how the wing turned out this day as well.

Zoom in of a closed eye. Eyelid is covered with a few shades of light brown and a little shimmer. There is a small wind visible near the upper lash line.
My first attempt at the ‘Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial’ on May 12.
Close-up of closed eye. Lid is covered in a dark brown with a shimmer. there is a wing on the outer corner.
My second attempt at ‘Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial’ on May 15th







The second video of hers I used was the ‘Beginners Eye Make-up Tutorial Using Blue Eyeshadow’. This video of TheMakeupChair was harder to follow than the other two I used. Visuals were still used but not for every step she took. She put makeup on the lid in different shapes in areas I was struggling to find. I also struggled as the blue shadows I had were a lot darker and not as shimmery as the one she used in the video. The outcome is not overly similar to the video, as my lid looks all the same colour and the blue on the inner corner is not bright. I was also not a fan of the liner that I did for this look. However, I would try this eye look again but spend more time placing the shadows in the correct spots and blending them out more.

Close-up of a closed eye. The lid is covered in a shimmery bronze colour. The inner corner is a dark blue with blue sparkles on top. There is a medium-sized wing along the lash line.
My first and only attempt at ‘Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using Blue Eyeshadow’ on May 16

The third video I used from this source was ‘Barbie Girl Eye Makeup in 5 Easy Steps’. She, again, provided visuals for the areas where the shadow was supposed to go. She also provides tips she has found useful in her experience to make the process easier. I honestly wish I would have started with this video of hers, due to these factors and how few steps were involved in the look. This is my favourite look using the source TheMakeupChair, as I created a distinct difference between the crease and lid. I also really like the wing I made. 

Close-up of a closed eye. The crease of the eye has a darker pink, while the lid is light pink with pink sparkles. There is a medium-sized black wing at the outer corner of the eye.
My first attempt at ‘Barbie Girl Eye Makeup in 5 EASY STEPS’ on May 17th.

Overall, I really enjoyed this creator and will probably use her videos again, as she has many great tips and provides visuals. 

I also did a few looks this week without using an online source, as I did not have time to follow a video. The first one was a gold highlighter on the lid with a small winged liner

Close-up of a closed eye. The lid is covered in shimmer and there is a small wing in the outer corner.
My make-up on May 19th. No source used.

The second was a big winged liner with three small flowers. I included one light blue, dark blue, and purple flower, each with its leaves. I made the flowers using coloured liquid liner. 

Close-up of the side of closed eye. There are three flowers beside the wing: one light blue, one dark blue, and one purple. Each flower has a green leaf.
Make-up I did on May 20th. No source used.

Thank you for reading this post!

When Did Tech Become so Crucial?

The apps, websites, and online platforms I frequent the most in my life vary depending on the day. However, I will chronically use online reading platforms, streaming or gaming apps, and Google Docs. I use a reading platform, such as Archive of Our Own (AO3) for leisure. I will frequent Disney+ and Netflix to watch TV shows and movies for leisure. I will also use YouTube for leisure and academic pursuits, as I will watch podcasts, documentaries, informational, and sketch comedy videos. I also have a variety of gaming apps on my phone that I rotate throughout the day when I get bored. Lastly, I frequent apps like Google Docs, Noteshelf 2 app, and  NaturalReader for academics. 

When it comes to staying organized for school, there are a few different apps I use for school. The first is Google Calendar, which I

Screenshot of Natural readers. Shows the different ways a reading can be added.
Screenshot of the different ways readings can be added to the app.

enjoy because it can be used on all devices. Secondly, I have been using the NaturalReader app on my phone, which is a text-to-speech app. This app does have in-app purchases to access all the features it has. However, there are certain things, like paying to have it read out documents with photos, that you can bypass using the camera scanner feature, as seen on the side. There is also a Chrome extension available for it. Lastly, I use Assignment Planner, a simple app that allows you to input the assignments and exams you have due. I like this app as each assignment is placed and colour-coordinated into its class and a widget is available for the home and lock screen to display assignments due soon. 

Screenshot of phone. Shows app named planner, with headers for exams, assignments, and classes
Screenshot of the planner app I use for my exams and assignments.

As I stated, Disney+ is an app I frequent, and currently the TV series 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lonestar has become a distraction. Occasionally, I can have a video or TV show playing while I do school work and other chores and it does not distract me. On other days when this is not possible I leave my phone in another room while I spend a given amount of time on the activity I need to do. Other times, I will go to a new space to complete my work. AO3 has also become a distraction recently. For this distraction, I will set a timer or chapter limit before I start reading, or, again leave my phone in a different room. 

Throughout my time at university, I have had to learn how to set boundaries from my screen for school purposes as I would spend unhealthy amounts of time working on assignments and coursework. This has led me to create a boundary of not using technology for school before 10 am and after 8 pm, except for classes. I have also developed a strategy of breaking my assignments into steps, picking 2-3 steps to complete, then taking a small break by reading a chapter, watching TikTok, or doing a chore. For larger breaks, I will watch an episode, or make food.

A Semi-Beginners Plan to Learning Makeup

My interest in makeup developed as a young teen when I became fascinated with the world of beauty YouTubers. When these influencers started to take over the internet, I fell in love with the different products and the idea that the face could be used as a canvas. This interest continued to grow when TikTok became a space for makeup influencers to show off looks and provide tips. However, I had limited time to develop this interest due to responsibilities in my life. I also had influences in my life who would make hurtful comments about makeup that deterred me from trying it.

Although I was deterred from practicing makeup on myself as a teen, I occasionally wore it for events, usually having help applying it from my sisters or mom. As an 18-year-old, my interest and confidence in exploring makeup blossomed and I began to practice winged liner. The more I practiced this skill, the more confident I became and I decided to try eyeshadow. The first times I tried it did not go well, which left me feeling discouraged. Thus, I stuck with what I could do. Over the summer of last year, with more patience and success, I started practicing eyeshadow looks again. They are fairly easy looks, using only one or two different shades of the same colour and a shimmering colour, but have been fun to do anyway. I have also started to use fun eyeliner colours to create designs.

One of my first eye looks
Valentines Day look from this year.

Although I have started to practice makeup, I never have had the confidence to try a full face of makeup. I use a few face products such as blush and highlighter, but have no idea how to use concealer and contour. I have also lacked the time to develop the skills needed to do makeup. Luckily, this learning project is just the excuse I need to focus on these skills! During this project, my main learning focus will be on more complex eyeshadow looks, as that is the main thing about makeup I enjoy. I also plan to learn how to use face products, such as foundation, concealer, and contour. I would like to learn how to use these products to create masculine and feminine looks.

To learn these skills, I plan to use many different sources on Youtube and TikTok for tutorials, such as this one. I also plan to use Instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration for makeup looks as I gain more confidence in my abilities. I will be using blogs and other online sources for makeup tips and tricks to improve my skills as well. To document my learning, I intend to take photos of the finished looks to add to my blog posts. I may also make TikTok or YouTube videos occasionally to record the application process.

Lastly, I have officially begun my learning journey! I did my first eyeshadow look for this project on May 10th following this Youtube video by Angela Bright. Although I did not have the exact makeup pallet and shades Angela used, I overall liked this source. She was easy to follow and provided verbal and visual explanations of the steps. The video was short and did not contain any music to distract from the task at hand. Angela Bright is definitely a source I will be using again!

Follow along as I further immerse myself in the world of makeup!

Photo of a closed eye. The eye makeup is a light purple outer corner and crease with a shimmer purple on the inner corners. There is a small black wing along the lash line
Eyeshadow look done on May 10th


Introducing Hailey

Hello everyone!

My name is Hailey Harris and I am currently working towards my elementary education degree and certificate in inclusive education. I am from a small town in the Saskatoon area and moved to Regina last summer for work and school. I grew up with two loud, yet amazing younger sisters, a small dog with a huge personality, and two incredible parents who supported me in every way they could. Since the age of 3, I have participated in a variety of sports, though my passion was always for hockey.  This love for sports led me to start coaching figure skating at around 12. I have also coached hockey, softball, and volleyball. Besides this love for sports, I have always been an avid reader, typically reaching for mystery, fantasy, or historical fiction novels. 

Young child sitting on ice. They wear a hockey helmet, hockey gloves, a pink and white Oilers jersey, and red, pink, and white pants.
Me at the age of 3, skating

I have had some experience with different educational technology resources. The school I went to for elementary and high school was small but used multiple technology resources for students. They had a FastForWord program, in which students, such as myself, would be taken out of class to use computers for different educational games to help improve spelling and reading. The school also had iPads with a variety of apps for students to learn with, such as change-making apps. All of the classrooms in that school had SMART boards, in which teachers would put up presentations or incorporate them into their teaching in other ways. In high school, we had a technology course that required us to make videos and learn photography. They also used Google Classroom to provide lecture notes and for students to hand in their assignments. A few of my teachers would use quizzing apps, such as Kahoot. Throughout my university experience, I have used multiple educational technology sources such as Kahoot, Mentimeter, Google Classroom, and online discussion forums. 

Despite these experiences with educational technology, I have not had much, if any, experience with blogging. To be honest, I have never given blogging much thought as it has never seemed like something important to me. However, I am excited to try blogging this semester and am very curious to see if it is something I will enjoy! I hope you’ll enjoy following along as I try this platform of communication!