AI Dishing It Out

This week I decided to try dishgen, a mobile app! For this, you type in the ingredients that you have on hand and then AI will generate a recipe for you. You can also type in a recipe idea and it will also supply you the recipe. I believe you only have three credits to use per day, or you can sign up for free and get as many credits as you want. It does only give you one recipe which isn’t the best, I was hoping for some options. It does give a list of ingredients as well as the cooking steps.

I feel like this tool has the potential to be used in an everyday setting. If you are unsure about what kind of food, you can make with the ingredients that you have. I know I get stuck on what to make for meals, especially when I need to go grocery shopping. I don’t see how this tool would be helpful in a classroom setting, but it is helpful in the real world.

AI is a helpful tool for students if used properly. I believe that teachers should educate students about AI and show them the positives and negatives of it. I use AI specifically Chat GPT, when doing assignments for university. If there id no examples provided, I will get AI to make one for me and then use that for a base to go off of. I learn best when I see examples of what the instructor is looking for. When I am finished my assignment, I will put it into AI as well as the rubric my instructor provided me with and AI will generate a mark for me. There have been a couple times where I will go back into my assignment to try to improve it and then put it back into AI and my mark will be better.

I think that is it important for AI to be integrated into the classroom. As we are moving forward in society, AI is becoming a huge part of that and will continue to be. Here are some resources that students can use:

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  1. Hey Jaida!
    I never thought to use AI for cooking, but its capabilities are blowing my mind. I think the idea of dishgen is genius, especially when you can put in the ingredients you have in your house. This would probably help cut down on food waste! I will have to try it when I have extra time to experiment with cooking again.

    I agree that we need to educate our students about AI. AI is not going away anytime soon, and our students are curious. We need to teach them about digital literacy so they know how to use technologies like AI responsibly.

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