Fake News… Fake News

My grade range is pre-k to grade five. Some great resources would be:

  • Interactive e-books
  • Digital scrapbooks
  • Coding activities
  • Identifying relevant videos and images
  • Participating in online communities safely and effectively
  • Fact-check research assignments
  • Evaluating online sources and information as a group and individually
  • Citing sources

This would help students by teaching them the positives of the internet as well as warning them of the harms. Teaching students to have safe boundaries with the internet is important. Making sure that students can explore the internet as well as use different resources is important. I don’t see my students doing a lot of research at the age but reminding students of good resources as well as using add blockers so students don’t click on random links is important. Earlier in th year we talked about add blockers, as well as focus apps that take away popups.

Helping students discover digital literacy by using quizzes in class. Spot The Troll is a good game to play as a class. Watching videos in class about how to spot fake information on the internet is also important. Any of the resources listed under week 10 are great to use to help reinforce learning about fake news and digital literacy.

One thought on “Fake News… Fake News”

  1. Hey Jaida,
    Thanks for sharing some resources that are in that particular grade areas. It always so useful to keep a list of resources that can be used for different things, as you might not know when you will use them. Just curious which one do you think is the most useful?

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