This is a little snippet from my autobiography:

“Educational assistants are an important part of the school team. I had been taking university classes for two months and working a job as a waitress. I knew I wanted a job more focused on kids. My mom worked as an educational assistant for a year after being laid off from her office job. The vice principal at the school where my mom was working suggested that I apply to the Good Spirit School Division to substitute as an Educational Assistant. I submitted my application in early October 2022 and was accepted two days later. I got to substitute once a week with my fall semester schedule and I absolutely loved it. After the start of the Winter semester, all my classes were online, so I proceeded to work at the school full-time. In the following week back from winter break I was offered a temporary contract at the elementary school that I was substituting in. I was placed in a grade five and grade eight classroom. One experience that helped reinforce my decision to become an educator was helping a student that I worked with who suffered from mental illness. They were going through a rough patch in life and needed some guidance. At school towards the end of the day a situation happened that set them off and we went into a private room and had a long conversation and I finally got them calmed down. After this, I brought in the school counsellor to have a chat with the student and while this was happening, I went to the principal and vice-principal to fill them in on the situation. They told me that I am such an amazing role model for these students and doing amazing work. Becoming an educational assistant impacted my life immensely and solidified the career path that I have chosen.”


This photo includes the Grade eight team that I had the pleasure of working alongside. It is made up of two teachers and two educational assistants!