Stitching Stories: From Pinterest Pins to Personal Creations


It’s been an eventful week in my embroidery corner, and I’m excited to share the latest developments in my ongoing project.

This week, I decided to challenge myself by exploring a new technique I’ve been eager to try – Highlighted embroidery on printed fabric. With a fresh set of vibrant threads and a vision in mind, I dove into the world of dimensional stitching. The added depth and texture it brings to the design are simply mesmerizing. For my embroidery project, I rely on Pinterest to get new ideas. I got this idea from this online platform and I also saw it on an Indian television show.

I became fascinated after seeing it on the television program and looked it up online. I originally looked for it on Instagram but was unable to locate the precise pattern I was seeking for. I then looked for it on Pinterest, and after doing extensive research, I discovered and selected this picture as my source of inspiration. Here is the link and the image I discovered on the platform.

I began working on my own project after discovering the specific pattern – Highlighted Embroidery. I started by choosing the threads that would best complement the pattern on the fabric, which should be visible on the printed fabric. adding images to show my own development –

I made this one with the help of French knots and Chain stitches.
I made this one with the help of French knots and Chain stitches.

Proceeding towards the next one, I was discussing with one of my friends about the project work I need to finish for one of my classes. He was interested in finding out more about it, so when I showed him my embroidery patterns, he became quite interested in what I had created. Then he asked me to make something for him, I had no idea at that time what to make for a guy. I started searching something for him on social media platforms and, then I saw a truck embroidery on Pinterest, as my friend is in trucking, I felt very happy that finally, I can create something for him. Now I have started working on it. The idea which I saw on Pinterest was –

I am working on it, I haven’t completed it yet. I have made the pattern and till now I have only done this much –

Behind the
This is how it looks like from the backside. For which we refer to using the phrase “BEHIND THE SCENCES”

I am making this on one of his hoodies. I’m hoping to finish it over the weekend and I am going to post the final look in the upcoming blog. Stay tuned!


4 Replies to “Stitching Stories: From Pinterest Pins to Personal Creations”

  1. This looks great! I am sure that your friend will appreciate his hoodie. What are you planning on putting on it to back it to ensure the threads don’t get caught on anything? I never thought of using fabric that had a pattern on it to follow to do the embroidery. Hope that you were able to complete your work on the hoodie this weekend.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I’m putting in my best effort, hoping he will appreciate it. As for the backside, I discovered a polyester fabric online, If you’re interested, here is the link to the fabric:
      I think the idea of covering the printed fabric is absolutely fantastic and I’m really excited about it! When I saw it on a show, it aroused my curiosity, and I was determined to find similar patterns on Pinterest. Finally, I managed to find some.

  2. Great work! Glad that you are able to bring your friends into this journey. I have found that helps motivate me to keep going. If I’m only accountable to myself it’s easy to slowly stop. I hope you are planning on continuing this after the class wraps up.

    1. Yes, Mike, I will also continue working on it after the class. From the beginning of the project, I expressed my strong desire to learn embroidery, which has been a passion of mine for a long time. Now that I have the opportunity to pursue it, I am definitely committed to doing so. Thank you!

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