“Unveiling the Power of Social Media in Education: A Summary of Learning”


I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone as I present my summary of learning, marking the culmination of EC&831 and my second ED tech class with Katia. Throughout this course, I have had the pleasure of exploring various aspects of technology integration in the classroom. The potential of social media for promoting collaboration, engagement, and knowledge sharing in educational settings has been a central focus of my learning. For creating my summary, I opted for Canva, a tool I became familiar with during my previous ED tech class with Katia, and I have shared the video on my YouTube channel. I would like to express my gratitude to Katia, Alec Couros, Alan Levine, and my classmates for their guidance, teaching, and valuable feedback, which have been instrumental in my growth.

Sit back and enjoy!


2 Replies to ““Unveiling the Power of Social Media in Education: A Summary of Learning””

  1. Awesome work! You really demonstrated your learnings and I appreciate how you were able to touch on each part of the course. It is a journey with social media! How do you think this will continue to affect you moving forward?

    1. Thank you, Raegyn! Exploring social media platforms has been a transformative learning experience for me. I believe it will have a profound impact on my personal learning journey and also as an educator. Embracing technology in this digital era will be immensely beneficial for both students and educators, as we can harness the power of the devices already at our fingertips to enhance learning opportunities.

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