Summary Of Learning

June 21, 2022 0 By Jasmin Boha

Welcome to my summary of learning!

I chose to create a video on Powtoon and use the voiceover app on my phone to produce this video! I hope you enjoy it!

To start things off, obviously, this class was an online class, which I thought was going to be very interesting. However, I found it easier than I thought it was going to be and I realized throughout this class that I actually enjoy online learning more than in person! One of the main tools that we used in this class was Twitter, which I was very hesitant to post and use. I was very skeptical and wasn’t too sure how to properly use it or to find resources on it, share information, and all of the other fun stuff that Twitter can be used for! I personally was not a fan of using Twitter however, I did like how many different types of options and resources you could find on Twitter. I most likely will not continue to post or comment. However, I will probably keep the app downloaded on my phone so that every so often I can go on it to look for resources or other options to use within the classroom.

Along with Twitter, we also were to create blog posts that were new to me, but after I got the hang of it I quickly realized it is actually very easy!

One main assignment in the class was our learning project and for that, I chose to learn American Sign Language. I learned that what worked best for me was Youtube videos and videos that I could watch, rewind, and do with actions with the videos. I found that using pictures or other types of resources of that sort did not work the best for me seeing that I am more of a hands-on learner more so than a visual learner. When trying to learn from pictures I found it difficult to fully understand the proper actions, movements, and positions of hands and fingers. chose to learn ASL because I have always wanted to be able to have a full conversation with someone who uses ASL as their form of communication and this class gave me the perfect opportunity to learn just so!

Along with the learning project we also were to create an ePortfolio. However, I already had one started and created which was handy for me. The learning project and blog posts just allowed me to add more onto to ePortfolio and create more of an online profile for others to view. I also learned new tips and tricks that helped me create links to words rather than having a full link posted in my posts as well as ways to make my pages look more pleasing to the viewers looking at my website!

One main topic that we touched on in this class that sparked my interest was the cyber sleuthing activity and the topic of fake news. In regards to the activity, I am not going to lie, I have and do constantly look deep and dark to see what I can find on people and events happening in their lives. I have also searched myself countless amount of times to see what I would find on myself. When doing the activity, however, my partner found some information on me about past schools I have attended that I have never found or seen when searching myself so I found that very interesting. That entire activity really made me think about how easily information can be found about one another and how scary the web can potentially be.

The topic of fake news also relates to the cyber sleuthing activity and how scary the internet can be! Some information that my partner found on me was incorrect but clearly seemed as though it was relevant to my life. This just proves that wrong information can easily be taken as true and potentially can cause damage to one’s reputation, job, or even life.

I have had many take-aways from this class but a few ones that have really stuck with me are: it’s not always about the type of technology or device that is used but the way that they are used, wrong information can easily be spread and taken as true and ways to potentially avoid that is by being safe on the internet, teaching about safe internet use, and having a professional and safe personal profile online.

Thank you!