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For the beginning of my journey toward learning American Sign Language (ASL), I decided to fully learn the alphabet! I thought that it would have been a bit more complicated, however, this beginner ASL Alphabet Youtube video that I found created by Laura Berg Life made it super simple and easy to learn the whole…

By Jasmin Boha May 16, 2022 1

Twitter As A Learning Tool

I have had Twitter as well as an account made for many years now. However, I have never actually used it. I mainly would only go on it to see Power outage updates, weather, news, etc. I have never actually used it for educational purposes and have never actually posted or tweeted anything! So tweeting…

By Jasmin Boha May 16, 2022 0

Hello And Welcome!

Hello, my name is Jasmin Boha! I am 21 years old and currently work as a preschool teacher at inspired Imaginations Preschool! My experience with educational technology is slim, however, I am super excited to learn how to incorporate it into education and the classroom! I have never had the opportunity to blog before but…

By Jasmin Boha May 9, 2022 0