Rhythming Kyrie Eleison with Djembe

Hello everyone!

I am back with one more video of my practice of learning how to drum.

I had the opportunity this week to visit the website www.afrodrumming.com where I learned different Djembe rhythms. Most importantly, I read and tried to practice the Kuku, which is one of the most popular rhythms played in Guinea (West Africa) during traditional events. I learned that the song is played by two djembes and consists of:

  1. An introduction (‘the call’),
  2. The basic rhythm
  3. An ending (or ‘call out’).

For more information about each of them please visit the Djembe Rhythm – Kuku.

I also listening to the YouTube video below entitled Kyrie eleison (“Lord, have mercy”), and tried to rhythm it with the Djembe. Listen from 0-2.48 min.

Here is me rhythming Kyrie Eleison with the Djembe. Let me know what you think.

Thank you

One thought on “Rhythming Kyrie Eleison with Djembe

  1. I am enjoying your excursions into drumming.. I love drumming of any kind, and would love to find time to learn to play some kind of hand drum. Thanks for sharing.. (sounds like you have helpers… 🙂

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