Your chance to see me drumming at the cultural event

Hi everyone,

As you already know, since the beginning of this semester, I have been learning how to drum. Although I came from Africa (Cameroon) where drumming and singing is more common, I never had the opportunity to learn that. Taking the course EDTC300 gave me that opportunity and I am sharing with you today my learning process and how we did at our cultural local event here in Saskatoon, SK.

First, it is important to note that drumming is not something that is easy to learn online. It is more appropriate when it is face-to-face learning. However, there are some YouTube videos and websites that teach how to drum. I followed the steps given in the videos or found on the website and tried on my own to reproduce the desired son. Learning alone was not easy for me but I took the necessary time to practice. I realized that knowledge comes with patience and dedication.

As a self-directed learner, I decided on what to learn and most importantly, I was trying to direct my learning to the rhythms that were like what will be presented during our local cultural event this November. Interestingly, I noticed that I was very improving when I started practicing with my community in preparation for the event. I realized that I had some talents that I was not aware of. As you will see in the videos, I was even the one having the main rhythm with the microphone pointed to my Djembe.

Photo of Jean-Paul (microphone pointed to the drum) at the local cultural event

It was a pleasure for me to see how white people were enjoying our drumming and singing (See the video below).

Here is another short video of our presentation.

This picture shows the team with whom I practiced in preparation for this event. I hope that you can identify me (down on the right side).

Team of Drummers at the cultural event (Jean-Paul is down-right)

Overall, this event was a success, and I would like to thank all of you who followed me during this learning journey. I will certainly continue to practice with my community for future events.

4 thoughts on “Your chance to see me drumming at the cultural event

  1. So beautiful! I congratulate you for achieving this fantastic thing and taking this learning into something that can be shared with the community! I hope you continue learning and having success!

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