Back to the world wide web for guitar lessons

Back to the world wide web for guitar lessons

For post 5 I chose to switch it up a little bit and go back to the internet to find new ways to learn the guitar. After searching through some forums and reddit posts I found this interesting website called When I first opened this website, my first thought was that you would need to pay to access any of the lessons because it seemed way to professional to be free. To my surprise it was all free, any lesson that I wanted was easily accessible through videos and modules. The website does an amazing job of breaking up these lessons into different categories that are easily navigated, if you really want to learn the guitar this is the website you use. There are extremely basic lessons all the way up to advanced lessons that will teach you the specialty ways of playing. Just like the app I used previously, “guitar tabs”, I would highly recommend this website to anyone wanting to learn how to play guitar, honestly I would recommend this to people who already know how to play. It has taught me many things that I did not previously know and seemingly will continue to do so until I have went through every module available which wont happen for a very long time. I think I will stick with this resource for the rest of my time learning guitar for this class, it just makes things so much easier and just plain simple. I have actually hit a little roadblock and do not feel that I have progressed at all throughout this last week, I hope that by going back and really using this resource I will develop the skills necessary for me to move on and progress.

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  1. Hey Jonah!

    It is nice to see someone doing the same learning project as me. I have not heard of but I will definitely check it out when I get the chance. One resource I would recommend checking out that sounds quite similar to this and that I have really enjoyed using is the app GuitarTuna. Good luck with the rest of your learning project!

  2. I love guitar tuna! It has honestly helped me allot. I am really glad you like the website from my post, I actually found it while digging on reddit and was instantly hooked. the ease of use is unmatched along with the fact that you can learn pretty much anything you want is priceless!

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