Uberchord not Uber eats

Uberchord not Uber eats

Similar to last week I decided to use a new app, this weeks app is called Uberchord. While searching for resources I stumbled onto this app, intrigued I downloaded it and dove into the learning process. As soon as the app opened I was sadly hit with a subscription process where you pay to have full access to the otherwise free app. I did my best to avoid the relentless pop ups and make it to the actual app; I am very impressed with how the app runs, it starts off right away by calibrating the system by listening to you strum different notes which also worked as a tuner to set up your guitar properly before you play. The next screen you find Is the home screen, on this screen you have little levels to walk you through different skills. each skill is locked and you need to complete the previous skill before you can move on to the next, this feature is every handy because it forces you to hold back and not get to far ahead of yourself. By the end of the free section they have taught you to play simple chords, simple strumming patterns and finally a simplified version of the song nothing else matters by Metallica. I found this learning process very easy to use and informative, I have learnt the most from this app but the only thing I find that holds it back is the fact that you need to pay to get the full experience; apart from the fact that you have to pay the ease of use for this app is outstanding and I would highly recommend it. If I could afford to pay for the subscription on my university student budget I would do it in a heartbeat. Now for my weekly progress update, I find myself playing notes at a much higher rate of success. I don’t find that I am accidentally hitting other notes when I play certain cords and this has lead to me having a much cleaner tone and sound. I am happy with my progress so far and can see improvement in many areas.

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  1. Hey Noah,

    Isn’t is so annoying when apps always want you to subscribe and pay to be able to be able to use the app to the full potential. From a business stand point I get it, but as a student on a budget ugh it sucks! I found you’re post very insightful as I’ve never heard of this app before, but I think adding in a few pictures throughout your post would make it standout even more!

    1. I absolutely hate subscriptions, when ever you think you found some amazing app you get hit with a sign that says “for just 14.99 a month you get full access”. I am also very glad you found my post insightful, I found this app really intriguing when I initially found it and it did not disappoint! I am slowly working on transferring everything over to my Edusuites account because I couldn’t figure it out so I ended up doing everything on a word doc and taking pictures that I have yet to add! Once I figure it out I will have a link to the app on here along with some pictures from the app itself!

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