Is Coding our Future?

Is Coding our Future?

The world is in a state of constant digitization, and with that comes many changes. We refer to the modern age as the digital age, a age in which we live in a virtual world. In the past, when we move from one age to another, new jobs arise. Similar to the industrial age, new types of professions arise as technology advances. As technology continues to advance in the modern age, it is expected that Computer Programmers/Scientists will be in high demand.

In my Educational Technology class, we were introduced to basic coding. We were asked to either do a guided lesson with coding using or experiment with coding on our own using Scratch. I chose to do a guided lesson on which can be viewed here.

What did I learn?

From completing this activity I learned that coding is not as scary as it seems. I see that if a person id introduced to it at an early age, becoming a coder seems attainable. Using and Scratch was easy, educational and fun.

Why is coding important?

I think coding is important because technology has become a huge part of our daily lives. I can see how important it is to introduce students to the world of coding early.

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