My Contributions to ETDC300 Class – Final Networked Learning

My Experience of the Course

This is it!! The final blog of EDTC300. I really enjoyed this course. I have always been using the internet ever since I was little. I thought I knew everything, but I am mistaken. There is so much more to learn in the internet, especially in the education side of technology. This class introduced me in so many software applications that I will surely use in my future classroom. With my knowledge in technology and internet, I have also shared some resources to my classmates. Speaking of classmates and sharing, I learned so much from my classmates since some of them are teachers already. And I always love it when they share what is going on their classroom. I also love it when they share useful and innovative sources that a future teacher like me could use to better my future classroom and to better my future student’s education. I would love to meet you all again. Could be as future colleagues or for another education class in UofR. But goodbye for now and see you in the next chapter!!

My Contributions in EDTC300

Contributions to Other’s blog posts:

For my blog posts engagements, I wish I engaged more in my classmate’s learning project and assigned blog posts although I did a decent amount of engagements. I really like my classmates responses in assigned blog posts since I could see different perspectives, especially during the digital identity and citizenship era of the class. I also engaged in some of my classmates’ post. I wish I got some responses but I never got them. On the brighter side, I really enjoyed interacting with my classmates through their blog posts. I love motivating them because all their learning project and assigned blog posts are all interesting.

Contributions to Twitter:

This is an application that I did not expect to ever use again. But I am glad this application is required in this class because I will never get to know some life hacks or educational resources that are extremely beneficial to my future class. By networking on twitter, I get to find resources that are worth knowing and sharing. This is where I also shared my newly posted blog posts. I also participated in #SaskEDchat and answered questions. I also love it when my classmates share math resources since that is what I am aiming for, to get math resources to my future classroom.

Contributions on Discord:

I think Discord is where I shine the most. Being quite decent in technology, I was able to help my classmates whenever they need it help on their blogs. Sometimes I wonder why am I not pursuing as a technical support instead of being a teacher. Now that I think about it, being a teacher is sort of a technical support job. We are teachers that help student whenever they need help with things. And we make sure they fully understand and that their doubt is cleared. I also really enjoyed helping my classmates with technical stuff.

Here are my contributions in EDTC300 class. I hope to see you all in the future! Please keep in touch!!

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