Hello everyone! My name is Jozelle Sumat! It is nice to meet you all! I live in Regina, which sits in the Treaty 4 territory. This map is dedicated to the place where I used to live which is the Philippines, specifically Quezon City. As you can see on the map, this is what I see in my surroundings on a daily basis. Jollibee, which is an extremely famous fast-food chain in the Philippines, is just a few steps away from my home. Jollibee is always the place for hanging out with either your friends or your family. Beside the Jollibee is a park. The middle of the park has a fountain where you often see the fish swim. Sadly, it is not a well-cared fountain as you would often see garbage thrown into it. Beside the park is the tricycle station. This is where tricycle drivers park their tricycles in line to wait for passengers. Across the park is the market. It is not an ordinary market since it sells everything–from freshly caught fish (still jumping by the way), to any type of meat, vegetables, and cooked dishes (whenever Filipinos forgot/had no time to cook, they would purchase cooked food from these vendors to eat at home), you can find everything in this market. When you ride the Jeepney from the park, you will arrive at the Mall. This mall is also a very famous hangout place for everyone because it also has everything. Every day, this mall is packed with people. You can also ride the jeepney to arrive at the church. You can stay a bit longer in the jeepney and you will end up in my elementary school where I finished 6th grade. We have graduation ceremonies when you finish 6th grade (which I do not know if we do in Canada). Lastly, if you stayed a bit longer in the jeepney, you would end up in my high school where I finished 7th grade before moving to Canada. Even though I have been living in Canada for seven years and counting, I still remember my surroundings of where I used to live in the Philippines. I know when I decide to visit again it will not be the same as it was. However, the place I used to live will remain in my heart and mind.