Figure 1 “What my eyes see” by Jozelle Sumat

“See themselves through their own eyes” Katy Alexander stated. This is what I want my class to achieve. I want my students to appreciate the land they inhabit. I want my students to feel a sense of gratitude for their origin and stand proud. I want my class to feel comfortable and confident when sharing their unique backgrounds with the world. I want my class to not be afraid of having a different opinion. I want to foster an environment where students feel confident expressing their thoughts and ideas. I hope to cultivate a space where everyone appreciates each other, regardless of ethnicity. I aim to stray far from a single narrative and instead encourage the sharing of diverse stories from around the world. I want my students to understand the meaning and purpose of their learning, and ultimately, to discover their purpose in life.

I envision my classroom as a space that is inclusive and welcoming to all students. I hope for a classroom that is neat and clean, for it will reflect the value we place on care and respect for our shared environment. I want a classroom that is accessible, ensuring that all students can fully participate in learning activities. I want my classroom to be a safe space, a secure environment where everyone feels comfortable. I want my classroom to foster the creation of friendships and connections, promoting a sense of community among students and teachers. I want a classroom that promotes a culture of acceptance and respect. Lastly, I want my classroom to be well-equipped with plenty of resources to support diverse learning needs and interests.

My goal is to take great care of my students, understanding their unique needs, and providing the support they require. I believe in embracing limitations, not as hindrances, but as opportunities for growth and learning.

Jozelle Sumat


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