About Me

I’m Karlee Michael, and I’m excited to take you on my life journey with me through learning and adventure.

Since I was 5 years old I have attended summer camp which has become a huge passion of mine. From attending camp for 2 weeks every summer as a kid, to becoming a cabin leader at age 16 then working my way up to camp director. I love spending my summers]at camp supporting staff and campers to give them the best summer. When I’m not at camp you can find me living in Regina with my fiancé Ryan and our 2 cats Julian & Tigger. We love to spend our time outside, with family or working on a project around our home.

Before starting school I have worked for 9 years and am still currently working at Chip and Dale Homes as a direct care worker supporting residents with special needs. I realize how special it is to spend time with them getting to know them and supporting them. We love to go on adventures together whether it be swimming, hiking, going to a community event or even just hanging out at home. 

I am in my 4th year of the Elementary Education program at the University of Regina. This journey started during the COVID-19 pandemic where I decided I needed a change in my life and needed to do something different. That is when I decided to give going to university a try and applied at the U of R. Once starting into education classes I knew this was the right decision, I felt passionate in what we were talking about in class and was eager to learn. As I am finishing up my Education degree I am excited to see where my journey goes and what my future holds for me.