Teaching Manifesto

Diversity and inclusion concept. Colorful figurines on the dark surface.

As a child I had my struggles in school and do not want any student to go through school like I did so I will be making an effort to have a positive classroom where all students are set up to succeed. 

My classroom will be an inclusive classroom where everyone feels welcome and that their needs are met. No matter who you are and what your challenges are, you will always feel like my classroom is a safe place for you and you are invited to be a part of our community.

All of my students will feel safe and know that my classroom is a place for them to take risks and things that do not need to be correct on the first try. I know that taking risks can be challenging but I want my students to know that I am behind them 100% and will not judge them for making mistakes.   

In my classroom students will learn in different styles with different learning instructions so that every student has an opportunity to learn in a way that works for them. I will also continue to change up my lesson plans and techniques used in the classroom so it is always exciting and something new for students to learn. 

Glowing tipi / teepee in the snowy forest under the northern lights, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

I will make it a priority to have the Indigenous culture taught in the classroom in all subjects throughout the year. Students in my classroom will know all aspects of the culture and the importance of it. I will also bring in Elders and other Indigenous people to share their lives and stories with my students.

I will be a lifelong learner and never stop my education. I will make an effort to learn new ways to teach my students and continue to challenge myself as a teacher.