Grade 1 – ELA – Importance Of Kindness

Subject/Grade: ELA  / Grade 1  Lesson Title: Kindness is Cooler Teacher: Karlee Michael
Stage 1: Identify Desired Results
Established Goals: (Learning outcome/s & indicator/s from curriculum)

CR 1.1 Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address:

  • identity (e.g., All About Me)
  • community (e.g., Friends and Family)
  • social responsibility (e.g., Conservation) and relate to own feelings, ideas, and experiences.
    c. Relate aspects of stories and characters from various texts to personal feelings and experiences.
Understandings: (can also be written as ‘I Can’ statements)

I can… 

  • respond to questions about the story,
  • describe some of the kind actions the students did in the story.
  • generate and write kind messages to share with others


Students will know…

  • examples of actions that demonstrate kindness.
  • how to generate and write kind messages to share with others
Students will be able to…

  • Students will be able to recognize kind actions performed by others and identify how those actions made them feel.
Stage 2: Determine Evidence for Assessing Learning
Give students sticky notes for them to write or draw one kind thing they will do for someone tomorrow and then stick it on the board with their name on the back. Review the responses to assess students’ comprehension and emotional engagement with the material.
Stage 3: Build Learning Plan
Set (Engagement):                                      Time: 3 mins

Ask Students What does kindness means?

What things to we do to be kind?

Development:                                              Time: 30 mins

Ask before reading 

What do you think the story is going to be about based on the title and cover?

Read Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler 

Stop throughout book to ask questions 

Pause after Mrs. Ruler announces the project. 

Question: “Why do you think Mrs. Ruler wants her class to do acts of kindness?”

Pause after Mrs. Ruler announces the project. 

“Why do you think Mrs. Ruler wants her class to do acts of kindness?”

Pause after Tawana & Anaya do their kindness tasks

“How do you think Anaya & Tawana feel after doing kind things for others?”

Pause when conflicts or disagreements occur among the characters

“What problem do the characters have? How do you think they can solve it?”

Pause after David is excited about doing more acts of kindness

“What do you think David  learned from this experience?”

After Story

What were some of the nice things the students did in the story?

Are these some nice things that we can do? 

Explain to the students that one way we can be kind to other people is to say nice things to them 

Tell students the story about what I do at work with leaving notes as a way to be kind and make my coworkers’ day. 

Ask them what nice things we can say or put on our signs 

Examples: You are awesome, Smile, You make me happy, Have a great day. 

Hand out half a piece of construction paper to each student 

On the paper have them write a kind message and decorate their paper 

Put on a timer while they are working for a visual. 

Once they are done their mini poster have them share them with a classmate 

Encourage them to take their poster home and hang it up somewhere to pass on a kind message to everyone at their home.

Have them put mini posters in their backpack when they are done. 

Closure:                                                        Time: 5-10 mins

Give students sticky notes for them to write or draw one kind thing they will do for someone tomorrow and then stick it on the door with their name on the back.

Have them clean up and get ready for the next thing.


Keep sticky notes on the door till the end of day so students can see others and have a visual reminder. 

At the end of day, remind students about the kind thing they said they would do for someone tomorrow.

At the end of the day take sticky  notes off of the door and use them for reflection on the lesson.


Kindness is Cooler, Mrs Ruler Book 

Half pages of Construction paper

Sticky Notes


Pencil Crayons

Possible Adaptations/


– Encourage peer collaboration during the creation of kindness message posters, allowing students to work together to generate ideas and create their posters.

-Offer a variety of question prompts at different levels of complexity to meet the diverse needs of students in the class.

– Provide opportunities for students to continue working on their kindness message posters if they need extra time to complete them.

– Offer alternative communication methods for students who may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, such as drawing or writing their responses.

-Write kindness message on the table for students who are struggling with their spelling 

-Assist students in sounding out the words they want to write for their mini poster. 

Management Strategies:

  • Circulate around the room while students are working on their kindness posters to provide support, answer questions, and ensure that they are staying on task
  • Use a visual timer so students are aware of how much time they have left for their individual work time. 
  • Use attention grabbers as needed to refocus. 
  • Quickly and calmly redirect off-task behavior by using non-verbal cues or verbal reminders
  • Walk around the room while reading the book to make sure all students can see and to help students who are getting off task. 
Stage 4: Reflection
 Professional Development Goal is…

to keep students engaged & continue with classroom management as I read the story. I will do this by walking around the classroom to make sure all students can see the pictures and I can quietly correct any behaviour.