20 Years into the Future

After watching Wesch’s video, it has allowed for me to view how we as educators look at technology. For so long, there has been this divide between teachers. There are teachers that are hesitant to bring technology into the classroom. Whereas, on the other hand there are teachers that love technology, and bring a huge progressive outlook into education. With the use of non-traditional technology, that allows for students to further their networking, and connecting as a community within the classroom with the help of technology.


Personally, I believe there is a fine line between using technology in a useful, and respectful way in comparison to a way that is harmful to one’s own personal safety and education. With this being said it further relays the idea of how we as educators can keep the digital world in our classroom safe, inclusive and welcoming.


Technology offers a multitude of benefits for all students in our classrooms, allowing us as educators to model and create adaptations and modifications for our students. Creating a space for all students to thrive within their educational journey.


Creating this model of education in an ever changing world, furthers the need for us as educators to incorporate technology within the classroom. At the beginning of Wesch’s video, it showcases the immense amount of change in the digital world from just 20 years ago, that it is almost crazy to think how different technology will be in the next 20 years. Due to this, it would be a huge disservice to our students if we don’t integrate technology into the classroom at such a rapid pace.


Overall, how I view our changing world, and my own relationship with technology stems from the idea that if I don’t learn to move with it and adapt, I’ll get left behind. Which is something that I think will translate into my own classroom.

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  • Kate Johnson

    Hi Katelyn,
    I agree that there is a fine line between using technology in a useful and respectful way and using it in a harmful way to one’s safety and education. Integrating technology thoughtfully allows us to support diverse learning needs and create an inclusive learning environment where all students can succeed. As you mentioned, the rapid pace of technological change highlights the importance of staying current to avoid falling behind, but it will also benefit the students.

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