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Knotty Adventures….A Whimsical Week in Macramé

Ah, another exciting week is complete in my macramé journey, and I’m eager to share the latest mission in my knotty endeavors. This time around, I embarked on a delightful project, crafting a macramé plant hanger with a whimsical twist—no tassels at the bottom—and even dared to create a charming macramé owl to adorn my space. I wanted to take the things I learned last week and try leveling them up to something bigger and better!

As I searched through various crafting resources, I stumbled upon a captivating macramé plant hanger pattern that immediately piqued my interest. I felt the absence of tassels at the bottom lent a modern touch to the design, and the prospect of fashioning a macramé owl filled me with a sense of anticipation. With a burst of enthusiasm, I decided to dive headfirst into this new challenge.

Before commencing my first endeavor, I ensured that my workspace was primed for creativity, meticulously securing the cords to a stable anchor (same window area as last week). Armed with cords and a vision of a charming owl, I began the knotting process, feeling less reliant on external tutorials and more at home with the rhythmic dance of the square knot. Honestly, I am impressed with my end product, even though it does not look identical to the reference in the video… It makes a super cute, different wall-hanging piece!

Owl Macrame hanging

My next project unfolded with lessons and surprises. As I followed the pattern’s instructions, I couldn’t resist injecting a touch of my creativity, adorning the design with a dash of personal flair. Throughout this learning project, I have found I use this as a new destressing method. When I knot I can forget about all the negative things around me! Amidst the playful twists and turns, the transformation of cords into a whimsical plant hanger filled me with a sense of achievement. Testing my creation with an empty pot, I reveled in the satisfaction of my new functional piece of art.

plant hanger hanging on the window Plant hanger bottom

As I reflect on this whimsical week in my macramé journey, I’m reminded that each project is an opportunity to infuse a bit of magic into everyday life. The challenges and triumphs along the way create a more satisfying feeling once I am finished.


  • Jaida Smith

    Hey Kendra,

    I think macramé is so cool! My mom and I signed up for a class together in March and I’m very excited about it! I think the plant holder is so cute! I have a couple of them in my room at my mom’s house. Have you thought about selling them once you feel satisfied with the result?

    • Kendra Saworski

      Actually yes! I have every intention of raising money to get my dogs super crazy expensive double knee surgery done. I share a bit about it in my first post if you want you are welcome to take a look!

  • Cheyenne

    Hey Kendra!
    I am impressed with your creations! Macrame looks so relaxing to me, and I think a wonderful home decor. I love macrame plant hangers, I believe every window in a home should have at least one in it. This is one of those skills you could utilize for the rest of your life! Best of luck!

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