EDTC 300,  Learning Project

A Dog Toy Tale – Strength in Knots

This week in my EDTC 300 Learning Project, I veered off the beaten path of decorative macramé and ventured into the practical realm of pet accessories. I have noticed every week that my young puppy is extremely fascinated by my cords and always wants to play with them. So I wanted to see what I could create for him. My mission? To craft a sturdy macramé dog toy that could withstand the enthusiastic play of my furry friend. This project wasn’t just about creating something cute and whimsical; it was a real-world test of the durability of my macramé work.

As always, the journey began with setting up my workspace. The familiar spot by the window, which has seen many a macramé piece come to life, was ready for action. I had to choose the right materials for this job — something that would be both safe for my dog and robust enough to endure a game of tug-of-war.  Knotting a dog toy required a different approach than my previous decorative items. This time, I focused heavily on the strength of the knots. I employed half hitch knots with multiple cords, known for their sturdiness. As I worked, I felt a newfound respect for the functional aspect of macramé. Each knot had to be tight and secure, each measurement precise, to ensure the toy’s durability.

Dog waiting for toy Dog toy

The Ultimate Test: Playtime

With the final knot in place, the moment of truth arrived. It was time to introduce the macramé dog toy to its toughest critic: my 8 month old puppy. The simplicity of the design, a braided style rope loop with loose ends. I held my breath as I handed it over…. To my delight, the toy passed with flying colors. It withstood pulling, chewing, and all manner of canine shenanigans. Watching my dog play with the toy, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. Not only had I created something that brought joy to my pet, but I had also proven the resilience of macramé. (he carried this toy around EVERYWHERE!)

Now… this was my first dog toy style and there are some things I would fix, but overall I am happy with how it turned out!

This project was a departure from my usual macramé work, but it taught me an invaluable

lesson: macramé isn’t just about beauty; it’s about function, too. The satisfaction of watching my dog enjoy a handmade toy was different from the pleasure of crafting a decorative piece. It was a tangible demonstration of the practical applications of my newly honed skills. I definitely will be making more! As I look back on this experience, I’m struck by the versatility of macramé. It’s a craft that blends aesthetics with utility, and every piece, whether a plant hanger or a dog toy, is a testament to the strength and adaptability of simple knots. This week’s project might have been a small step for me in the vast world of macramé, but it was a giant leap in understanding the potential of these knotty endeavors.

P.S. this was such a fantastic way to make toys for my dogs in a very cost effective way. It costed me approximately $4.00 in material for this toy, rather than significantly more for the same style rope toy at a store. AND an extra bonus is that I can wash it!! Needless to say I am excited to take on more functional style challenges!! 


Until next time, happy knotting to all!


  • Chantelle Turner

    Ok, first off, CUUUUTE pup! What’s his name?!
    I don’t have a dog, but would love to add one to my family…some day!

    I appreciate your focus on creating a practical piece with your new skill! Creating beautiful, decorative things brings a sense of accomplishment, but I totally understand how creating a usable piece, especially that supports a bond with an animal, would bring about a sense of satisfaction. And you cannot argue with the cost! Nothing is inexpensive these days so to be able to create a useful toy for your pup at a low cost is a win!

    Do you think you’ll try your hand at some different dog toys? Or switch gears back to decorative pieces? Who knows, maybe macramé will turn into a successful side hustle! Good luck with your next project!

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