EDTC 300,  Learning Project

The Finale: Summary of Learning

This semester has been wonderful! EDTC 300 has given me such an amazing tool box of resources and given me a higher level of confidence using technology in my class room. From learning a new daunting skill, to trying new exciting apps, I have pushed myself to new heights and I truly am excited to continue learning. This post consists on a summary of learning regarding my blog post, as well as a video summarizing my overall learning over this semester.

Embarking on a new skill can be challenging, but with determination and a meaningful cause, the journey can lead to unexpected success. This summary dives into my fascinating adventure of learning macramé, a craft of knotting string in patterns to make decorative articles. Initially driven by the need to raise funds for a beloved dog’s surgery, this exploration of macramé transcended simple craftwork, becoming a medium for artistic expression, personal growth, and even educational utility.

Week 1: Tying” My Way to Success: An Introduction to My Macramé Learning Project

  • Received a macramé kit during Christmas vacation, but initial attempts were frustrating and led to abandoning the project.
    Motivated to restart macramé journey due to the need to raise funds for dog’s double ACL surgery.
  • Researched different macramé styles and decided to start with making keychains to build skills and comfort with knots and patterns.
  • Purchased supplies from Michaels and completed three keychains in different styles, enjoying the process and finding it destressing.
  • Plan to create six keychains of varying styles before moving on to a small wall-hanging piece.
  • Intend to progress to more complex designs gradually, utilizing blog resources for inspiration and guidance.
  • Goal is to sell macramé products to raise funds for dog’s surgery, combining learning with a meaningful cause.

Week 2: Leveling Up: From Doubt to Delight! 

  • Chose a simple macramé plant hanger pattern found on a crafting blog despite initial doubts, inspired by the challenge.
  • Focused on the square knot technique, a fundamental aspect of macramé art, and followed step-by-step photos for guidance.
  • Set up workspace meticulously, using a 3M hook to secure cords and ensuring a smooth working environment.
  • Measured, cut, and attached cords to a wooden loop before commencing knotting, finding confidence and flow in the process.
  • Learned to trust creativity and embrace challenges, adding personal flair to the project while ensuring attention to crucial details.
  • Overcame initial nervousness and anxiety during knotting, witnessing the plant hanger take shape and feeling rewarded by the transformation.
  • Successfully completed the project, comparing the end result to the tutorial image, and testing the hanger with a pot, experiencing delight and satisfaction.
  • Reflecting on the project as an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, expressing eagerness to further enhance macramé skills and creativity.

Week 3: Knotty Adventures….A Whimsical Week in Macramé 

  • Took on a new macramé project involving a plant hanger without tassels and a charming macramé owl, aiming to elevate skills and creativity.
  • Discovered a captivating plant hanger pattern and felt drawn to the modern twist of omitting tassels, embracing the challenge of crafting a unique owl design.
  • Prepared workspace diligently, securing cords to a stable anchor in the familiar window area, and embarked on knotting with newfound confidence and independence.
  • Embraced personal creativity while following instructions, adding unique touches to the designs and finding macramé as a new method for destressing.
  • Found joy in the transformation of cords into whimsical creations, reveling in the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction upon completing functional pieces of art.
  • Each project viewed as an opportunity to infuse magic into daily life, with challenges and triumphs contributing to a more fulfilling creative experience.

Week 4: “Leveling Up in Macramé with WeVideo Magic” 

  • Explored the video editing tool WeVideo for Macramé projects, detailing pros like user-friendly interface and seamless classroom integration.
  • Noted cons such as limited free features and glitches, encouraging educators to navigate premium options for full creative freedom.
  • Provided educational integration ideas for WeVideo, focusing on creative storytelling, collaborative projects, and dynamic presentations.
  • Documented the personal experience of creating a macramé bottle holder, encountering measurement challenges and finding satisfaction in crafting a unique piece.

Week 5: “A Dog Toy Tale – Strength in Knots” 

  • Diverged from decorative macramé to practical pet accessories, crafting a durable macramé dog toy for a young puppy.
  • Focused on knot strength and durability, appreciating the functional aspect of macramé and the joy of creating a handmade toy.
  • Experienced pride in observing the toy withstand playtime and the pet’s enthusiasm, recognizing the resilience of macramé creations.
  • Highlighted cost-effectiveness, washability, and personalization in making the dog toy, fostering excitement for future functional creations.

Week 6: “Fiber to Function: My First Wall-Hanging Macramé Piece”

  • Transitioned from small decorative items to a larger, functional wall-hanging macramé piece, experimenting with a thicker cord.
  • Found excitement in creating each knot and strand, despite the final design not fully aligning with initial expectations.
  • Realized the beauty of the macramé creation journey, acknowledging imperfections as part of the learning process.
  • Emphasized cost-effectiveness and customization in crafting the wall hanging, sparking a passion for more complex macramé projects.

Week 7: “Crafting My Own Teacher’s Lanyard for Roadways Literacy Academy” 

  • Initiated a new job teaching grade 3 at Roadways Literacy Academy in Saskatoon, creating a custom lanyard as a symbol of the new journey.
  • Choose a durable nylon cord in white, focusing on both style and function with a square knot pattern.
  • Viewed the lanyard-making process as a lesson in patience and detailed planning, finding significance in imperfections.
  • Reflected on the personal and professional meaning behind the lanyard, emphasizing its value beyond a practical item.

Week 8: “Knot Your Average Week…” 

  • Explored macramé artistry by creating a stunning wall hanging piece, focusing on deliberate knot-making and intricate designs.
  • Approached the project with renewed determination, emphasizing patience, precision, and savoring the creative process.
  • Marveled at the emerging beauty from patient hands, recognizing the wall hanging as a reflection of dedication and passion for the craft.
  • Learned the profound beauty in slowing down, observing each knot with care, and savoring the creative journey, encouraging readers to embark on their own macramé adventures.

Week 9: “Crafting Resilience” 

  • Shared the rekindling of passion for crafting keychains following a pause due to a dog’s double knee surgery, symbolizing resilience and fresh starts.
  • Resumed making custom keychains as a personal touch in daily routine, representing determination and passion.
  • Acknowledged the slower progress due to caregiving responsibilities and mental health prioritization, highlighting the importance of self-care during challenges.
  • Invited readers to celebrate creativity, resilience, and crafting a brighter future through keychain making endeavors.

Week 10: “Coasters, Macramé, and Digital Delights” 

  • Ventured into a new artistic realm by creating coasters and utilizing the latest Google phone update for photo editing of macramé pieces.
  • Embraced coasters as functional decor pieces and artistic expressions, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.
  • Harnessed technology to enhance the visual appeal of macramé artistry, capturing the essence of intricate knots and weaves with precision and creativity.
  • Invited fellow creatives to embrace the intersection of artistry and innovation through coaster crafting and photo editing, encouraging inspiration and discovery.

Five Main Takeaways from the Macramé Learning Project

  1. Starting with Simplicity Enhances Skills:
    Beginning with simple keychain designs, the learner gained familiarity with various knots and patterns, setting a strong foundation for more complicated projects. This approach was not only manageable but also provided the initial confidence boost necessary to continue with the craft.
  2. Challenges Can Spark Creativity:
    Facing and overcoming challenges, such as the initial frustration with knotting and the complexities of new patterns, were integral to the learning process. Each hurdle crossed led to a better understanding of the craft, fostering a sense of creativity and achievement.
  3. Preparation and Environment Matter:
    Setting up a conducive workspace and meticulously preparing materials (like cutting cords and securing them properly) proved to be pivotal in the successful completion of projects. A stable and comfortable environment allowed for smooth crafting sessions.
  4. Functional Art Can Be Therapeutic:
    As the projects advanced from keychains to plant hangers and even a teacher’s lanyard, macramé became a source of stress relief and personal expression. Crafting functional art pieces proved to be rewarding both emotionally and practically.
  5. Integrating Technology Enhances Presentation and Utility:
    Utilizing digital tools like WeVideo for editing macramé project videos and exploring the latest smartphone features for photo editing helped showcase the art. This integration of technology and craft elevated the presentation and offered new avenues for creativity and functionality.

The macramé learning project is a testament to the idea that with passion and purpose, one can master a new skill. Through the act of tying knots, the creator not only crafted beautiful, functional art but also wove a story of personal growth, resilience, and creativity. From the initial frustration to the joy of crafting a custom dog toy, each knot tied was a step toward a noble goal, funding my pet’s surgery. This journey illustrates the power of combining art with cause, and technology with tradition, to create something truly meaningful. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a curious beginner, this story inspires us to pursue our passions and find joy in the learning process itself.

To summarize my overall learning experience I created a video. I truly enjoyed this course, and the skills I have acquired over this semester have already been such useful tools in my small class room. I cannot wait to learn more from my peers and find new ways to make learning fun for my students with the use of technology. (in the event of technological difficulties, here is a link to a google drive folder with the video)


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