How to Excel at a Sport Without Practicing it


Have you ever just wanted to lay in bed all day? All week? Well that’s how I felt this past week. I was not motivated to go the golf course, driving range or putting greens. My boyfriend and I made plans to go to the driving range on Friday however when Friday rolled around all I wanted to do was stuff my face and watch the walking dead (which I did). So now that I am not going to be actually swinging a club how am I going to contribute to my #learningproject

First thing I decided to do was follow a golf workout video on YouTube. I landed on Paige Spiranac’s video Exercises to Hit the Golf Ball Longer. This videos focuses on core and strength, and I actually found it pretty enjoyable. 1. The workout wasn’t too hard 2. Paige explained how every exercise would affect your swing. In another one of her videos, Paige goes over some stretching to help warm-up. I will try out these stretches next time I play and keep you updated. Along with the workout video I watched another video on the mental aspect of golf, from this video I got some good tips that I will defiantly be trying. In the video Paige explains 3 main ideas:

Positive self-talk



Positive self-talk – In Paige’s video she uses the example “talk to yourself how you would talk to your best friend”. If you build yourself up with positive affirmations you will succeed. If you fill yourself with negative thoughts you will fail.

Visualization – I found this point of the video very helpful. Paige goes on to explain how being able to visualize yourself making a swing will help. She also describes visualizing a “play box” around the ball and a “think box” a few feet back, it is important to visualize a distinct line between these boxes. The “think box” is where you begin. In this box you will test the wind, plan your swing, practice your swing and take some deep breaths. Once you have finished your pre swing routine you will visualize yourself stepping over the line into the “play box”. Once you have entered the “play box” you clear your mind and just swing.

Breathing – Obviously breathing is important in any sport but Paige explains how to properly take a deep breath. A good breath should come from the stomach not the chest. It is common for people to raise their shoulders when taking a deep breath but this can cause tension in the shoulders which is not ideal for swinging a golf club.

Which tip is your favourite?

Although I didn’t go actual golfing this past week like I planned, I feel as if I have learned some great skills that will help with my next game. I guess being lazy does pay off!!!

Stay Tuned: I have a Tee Time booked at the Lakeview Par 3 again this week, I will let you know how it goes, wish me luck!

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