Summary of Learning Podcast

Here’s the link to our podcast:Geeky Gurus: Janeen and Laura’s Edu-Tech Extravaganza!”



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  1. Jacquie Ehrmantraut

    What a great idea for a summary of learning! Sprinkling a little cheese on it didn’t hurt either haha! Great points made about being leery on posting anything online – it is definitely something I have begun to overcome. And for the record, you do have really important things to say and people would definitely benefit from them. Thanks so much for sharing your reflections on the course 🙂

  2. Kara Fidelack

    (Posting the same comment for both of you) Wow, Laura! This podcast sounded so professional. Both of you have great ‘podcast voices.’ What program did you use to put this together? Did either of you have experience creating a podcast before? I ask because it was SO well done! Great job summarizing your learning in a fun and conversational way with awesome chemistry between the two of you.

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